Man attempts to arrest Swansea Court Judge

Daniel Hughes recently appeared at Swansea Magistrates’ Court and made at attempt to climb onto the desk of Judge Neale Thomas and proceed to arrest the court Judge as he did not recognise the authority of the Judge of the court. Security staff intervened to protect the judge.

Daniel Hughes was immediately taken to the cells and then refused to return to the court for his trial. The court was told how an enforcement officer from  Neath Port Talbot council had previously visited the defendant earlier this year in relation to a parking fine to which Hughes had not responded to. A clamp was fitted to Hughes’ vehicle which resulted in Hughes becoming enraged and grabbed the enforcement officer by his neck which resulted with red marks.

Kyle Gasson (Council enforcement officer said:  “I instantly knew the type of person I was dealing with. You are not there to be assaulted but it looked like it was going down that route. I asked if he was threatening me and he said: ‘Damn right I am making threats’. I am not there to be assaulted but you try not to get to that stage. I do not want to be rolling around on the floor.”

Daniel Hughes, 37, from Bryn in Port Talbot, has been jailed

Daniel Hughes (pictured above)

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