I am writing an article showing how it is possible to purchase food items from an app called “TooGoodToGo”, I will link and update here when this is published.

To explore the app, I selected well known retailers such as Morrisons, Greggs, OneStop & Spar. I also selected several local outlets. Multiple purchases were made at each of the stores in order to ascertain whether the value of products was as described in the app.

From all the retailers tested, everyone exceeded my expectations apart from Morrisons. To provide one example, Greggs bakery sell items through the app for £2.59 for what I estimate to be well over £10 in value from each purchase.

However, Morrisons have consistently failed miserably, not only through the sales through the app but also in their customer care response. Several purchases were made from Morrisons, each purchase made was less than the value as advertised in the app.  For example, the last test purchase cost £3.09 through the app and contained 3 bags of potatoes and 49p each, 2 packs of putrid pears at 7p each and a half loaf of bread in date but damaged packaging.  The bread was not of merchantable quality due to the packaging. Each magic bag from Morrisons has been abysmal, with most below the advertised price.

In light of the above, I made a customer complaint to Morrisons who replied that “A member of the customer service team will be responding to your email as quickly as possible”. However, this was over a week ago. I have chased Morrisons up for a response and I was told that someone would contact me back. Chasing up Morrisons again, I was informed that they could log my complaint but they can not deal with it and it would not be dealt with. Chasing up Morrisons again, I explained that I intend to write an article in relation to what is in my opinion Morrisons clearly selling products not at the advertised price, the fact they have been consistent in this abysmal practice for a multitude of test purchases over a period of time in addition to any complaint raised is ignored – their response is that a manager would contact me back. Nobody has done so.

Morrisons press office have also been contacted in order to request a comment from them. However, after waiting several days, they too have also failed to respond.

TLDR: Morrisons supermarket repeatedly overcharging through app and purposefully ignored customer complaints of being overcharged. 

This is a live blog – it will be updated when necessary. 

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