Tenants’ services now at their fingertips

Swansea Council has developed a new digital portal which tenants can access online, by smartphone and via tablet.

 The new ‘My Housing’ service will give every council tenant the option of paying their rent using the portal.

 Tenants can also keep a check on their rent payments which will also help them manage their rent account.

 It will also give users the option of reporting problems at their home as well as keeping track of repairs that have been completed previously.

 The latest digital service has been developed as an additional method for tenants to keep in touch with the Council’s Housing Service. It may also save tenants needing to ring or visit their nearest Area Housing Office if this way is easier for them.

 To use My Housing, tenants will need to visit the portal webpage, create an account using their tenant details and once authorised, will gain access to all the different services.

 Andrea Lewis, Cabinet Member for Service Transformation, said: “Making sure tenants can contact us and access services relating to their home is vital.

 “This new digital portal is a great step forward in terms of how quickly we can interact with tenants, whether it’s in relation to a rent issue or to report problems a tenant might be experiencing at home.

 “A large majority of our residents now have access to digital technology, particularly on their smartphone, so this an excellent opportunity for tenants to get on board and try out a new way to stay in touch with the council.

 “This doesn’t mean we have stopped providing services in the more traditional way – this is simply a way of giving tenants more options to get things done.”

 To sign up to My Housing, visit https://www.swansea.gov.uk/myhousing

 Tenants can contact their Area Housing Office if they need any help signing up.

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