Cakes & Ale venue in Mumbles attacked & vandalised

The Cakes & Ale venue in Mumbles was vandalised yesterday (24th September) just after 10pm.

Doug from Cakes & Ale posted the following information:

“Just after 10pm this evening we were on the receiving end of what feels like extremely targeted vandalism. We’re extremely fortunate that no one was hurt, it could have been much worse. What we can’t understand is why anyone would do this? 2 men on a red motor bike wearing black clothing. Several witness statements have been taken and CCTV is being reviewed. If you saw anything or can help bring those responsible to justice please get in touch.
It’s very frightening for our staff especially those younger as you can imagine. Please be kind if you pop in today as we’re all a bit shaken up.
In the mean time we have some sorting to do tomorrow which might mean us opening slightly later. If you’re planning to visit please call ahead to make sure we’re ready.”
Businesses have suffered during Covid lockdowns. For a business to endure a lack of trade during lockdown and then be hit with mindless vandalism must be devastating for the business as well as staff and customers who were in the premises at the time of the incident.
Please show your support for this and other local businesses within the area.Cakes & Ale facebook page:
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